Schule der Stimmenthüllung / School for uncovering the voice / the Werbeck method / Werbeck-laulu – rakkaalla lapsella on monta nimeä, as the Finns would say.
Mrs. Werbeck herself did not tolerate that this “method” was called Werbeck singing or a method at all. 

Schule der Stimmenthüllung is a singing school connected to anthroposophy , developed by a Swedish opera singer Valborg Werbeck-Svärdström in collaboration with Rudolf Steiner. 

We human beings are not machines, but thinking, feeling and willing creatures instead. This aspect should be recognized and considered when teaching singing. 

Singing is already inside us, we are born with it – you cannot really teach singing,  you can only help the student to bring it forward, to uncover it.


A profound biography of Valborg Werbeck-Svärdström was written by Maija Pietikäinen.